Daniele Baldelli

Cosmic Sound/ Cattolica

Daniele Baldelli, one of the first Italian DJs, with a legendary status and a lasting influence, is a founding father of the Cosmic Disco sound. He rose to prominence with his mixture of European electronica, synth pop (often played at slower speeds), equalizer effects, and ethnic folk music. Baldelli' s use of African and Brazilian material helped distinguish his style from Italo disco and he held residencies at some of the most glamorous and musically adventurous clubs of the 70’s and 80’s: Baia Degli Angeli and Cosmic.

Baldelli' s influence persevered into the 21st century, aided in part by such compilations as Cosmic Sound (Mediane) and Baia Degli Angeli 1977-1978 (Amarkord). From the public dance hall to the disco, from the smooch to the shake, from the orchestra to the deejay. Counting a collection of more than 60.000 records, with his passion, technical skills and pioneer proofs, Baldelli has been a forerunner of the DJ figure.


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